SCOP-292 都内某所にある出会い喫茶で行われるJK制服イベントに、本物女子校生が紛れ込んでいるらしい!!それってヤバイじゃん!!ってことで媚薬を持って潜入取材!!オイシイ思いをしちゃいました!!

SCOP-292 At A Schoolgirl Uniform-Themed Hookup Party At A Cafe In The City, A Real Schoolgirl Slipped Into The Mix! Uh-Oh! She Doesn't Know There's An Aphrodisiac In The Drinks - She Thought They Were Delicious!
Genuine Schoolgirl seems to be lost in JK Uniform event to be carried out in a Dating coffee shop in Tokyo a certain place! !It is dangerous! !Infiltrate with ttekotode love potion, and report! !Have felt delicious! !
Look for an Amateur woman over a mirror. Negotiations enactment is GO to Hotel! !It is a Dating coffee shop! !For the JK Uniform event of the Dating coffee shop in Tokyo a certain place, Nan and the genuine Schoolgirl get information to join! After infiltrating with a love potion at once; is really ita! !Is a love potion not to come out in impertinence Schoolgirl and Upper Class Girl Schoolgirl in a shop; to Melo Melo!