AVOP-102 SOD Female Director Yamamoto Seaweed Formula "ejaculation Control" - Erect Men If To Taste The 'ejaculation Of Pleasure', Whether Become Compliant Of Women?~
Is the boy that director SOD woman, Yamamoto seaweed type "ejaculation control" ... erected at the mercy of the girl in order to taste pleasure 'of the' ejaculation? ...
The ejaculation patience of the new sense is born! Blame a man kindly until I erect (= candy), and if I erect and want to ejaculate it, Yamamoto seaweed thinks, but remain it, and manage the ejaculation (= whip). Lead the ejaculation desire of the boy to limit high, the super pleasant feeling in "a whip", this Koto repeating two in turn afterwards if "candy" erects if chi ○ po loses strength again and wants to ejaculate it.