JUX-644 母の友人 大島優香

配信日:2015-07-19 品番:jux00644 品番(DVD):JUX-644
出演者: 大島優香
メーカー: マドンナ レーベル: Madonna
Friend Oshima Yuka of mother
A friend, Yuka of mother who would stay at the Kashiwagis by live appreciation of the popular Korean Sutaa. Junkichi of the son who had a crush on her from old days waited expectantly for arrival. Cheerful Yuka is in bathroom in Totally Naked for slight intoxication during bathing in the evening and…. Junkichi who was not able to hold down Koufun exchanged a kiss with her by force for the pleasant feeling that a whole body was washed in Yuka. Of course Junkichi who I could not be satisfied with that alone, and stole into the bedroom of the Yuka in the middle of the night….