TGAV-074 ある時、俺は突然金縛りになった。やって来た女の子が、俺が動けないと知った時、女の子はどうする?

配信日:2014-07-03 品番:118tgav00074 品番(DVD):TGAV-074
メーカー: プレステージ レーベル: TOY GIRL
I was bound hand and foot suddenly once. When the Girls which came over knew that I cannot move, what do you do for the Girls?
I start binding tight suddenly; and Shimatta Were me who shuddered with fear, but, in such an occasion, Girls came over. Cannot move to convey the Koto which is binding tight, and cannot talk! But realize it when the Girls hangs for the binding tight to me who do not react for the story either. Then play with my sensitive part if a face of the Girls thinks it whether it is a bottom agrin. Be me who fear and pleasure mingle, and am at a loss, but the torture of the Girls does not stop….