DANDY-369 「職務中の全裸巡回、陰部露出、自慰行為、ノーパン業務、強制ミニスカ、患者を騙してセックス介助…人妻ナースにヤらせる羞恥看護スペシャル」VOL.1

DANDY-369 NAked at Work! Pussy Exhibitionist, Masturbation, Working with No Panties, Miniskirt, Fuck Patients, and Harass Married Nurses! Nursing Special! vol. 1
"Deceive a Totally Naked patrol during duties, pubic region Exposure, a masturbation act, no panties duties, Kyousei Miniskirt, a patient, and assist Sex"…Shame nursing special VOL.1 letting Married Woman Nurse kill him
A yes-man state of the patient that there is the nurse whom weakness was grasped in. As much as the patient of the So lets you do Masturbation so that other patients cannot see it to a nurse, and want to do it when I let you walk a House in Miniskirt. A Shame order to escalate to a nurse according to instructions while being bashful. Until a late-night patrol in-hospital for other patients as Handjob, rehabilitation assistance etc. while I insert limo by and Totally Naked!
弱みを握られた看護師はある患者のいいなり状態。その患者は看護師に他の患者に見えないようにオナニーをさせたり、院内をミニスカで歩かせたりとやりたい放題。恥じらいながら指示に従う看護師にエスカレートする羞恥指令。他の患者に対して手コキ、リモバイを挿入しながらのリハビリ 介助etc.そして全裸のまま院内の深夜巡回まで!