KISD-079 kira★kira7周年×美5周年スペシャルコラボ企画-黒ギャル学園HIGH SCHOOL BLACK GALS SPECIAL 中出し猛烈大乱交4時間スペシャル-

KISD-079 kira*kira 7th Anniversary x Mi 5th Anniversay Special Collaboration Event- Black Gal High School Special, Creampie Extreme Large Scale Orgies, 4 Hour Special
- special for special collaboration Variety - Kuro Gal Campus HIGH SCHOOL BLACK GALS SPECIAL Creampie billy-o size Orgy four hours of the 5th anniversary of kira ★ kira7 anniversary X Bi
Five person from Kuro GAL8 X Slut Teacher has the meat stick of Gakuennaka in their mouth, and hame is out of order! Special anniversary collaboration of the kira ★ kira X Bi, super large Orgy are special! !Lick balls clean by an achievement test, and have Dekachin in its mouth in turn; throat Oku deep Blowjob! To scatter the tide in Geki Fingering in a health room, and to let insert penes in sequence, and to thrust an ogre; the top! Excellent student hunting 12P Creampie size Orgy of the Arashi! !20P bravery size Orgy of sumptuous feast to live for the intense piston which I scatter the tide, and follows without cease many times, and to be out of order, Slut Teacher and GAL! !