RTP-022 去年まで女子校だった学校が共学になり、入学した僕は女の子だらけのウハウハな生活を夢見ていたが女子からは全く相手にされない。 そんなある日、元々女子校だったからなのか、クラスの女子がレズっているのを偶然目撃している所を気づかれ、呼び出された僕は…

配信日:2014-04-02 品番:118rtp00022 品番(DVD):RTP-022
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The school which was a girls' school becomes coeducational and I who entered it dreamed of the life that is uhauha where is full of Girls, but am not had anything to do from a girl at all until last year. Such I that one day were noticed, and the place that witnessed that the girl of originally having been a girls' school or the class needed Lesbian accidentally was called…
The Boku which witnessed that there was Lesbian in a restroom and the rockers who had none of the girls of the same class accidentally Peeking comes out and is called, and be said to be it when you do Masturbation because you looked at our shameful place. chi ○ po is sucked all too soon, and getting out Lesbian ri develops unwillingly in 3P whether they were excited when there is a stamp! Lesbian Schoolgirl keep living in my waist Fu while caressing each other in a pleasant feeling of chi ○ po to taste after a long absence! Such a school life is not bad! ?