STAR-530 紗倉まな 溢れる愛液、唾液、汗…体液まみれ濃密‘汁音SEX’

配信日:2014-06-19 品番:1star00530 品番(DVD):STAR-530
出演者: 紗倉まな
メーカー: SODクリエイト レーベル: SOD star
Vaginal secretions, saliva, the sweat which overflow…Heavy 'Pre-Cum sound SEX' Sakura Mana covered with body fluid
Heavy SEX to covet on instinct of the Sakura Mana is recorded in stereophonic sound by bainoraru recording! Sweat and vaginal secretions overflowing from a kiss, a body thickly which leaking sigh, tongue and tongue get entangled in, be at all a real sense of reality that seemed to be present at the place! Please thoroughly enjoy the real 'Mana' sound that you were able to never hear even if you put up an ear so far. *Headphones earphone recommendation.