STAR-425 古川いおり×素人ガチンコ童貞!!いおりが優しく筆おろし、してア・ゲ・ル(ハート)

配信日:2013-05-11 品番:1star00425 品番(DVD):STAR-425
出演者: 古川いおり
メーカー: SODクリエイト レーベル: SODクリエイト
Furukawa Iori X Amateur Gachinko Cherry Boy! !Iori costs writing brush lowering kindly; and a gel (heart)
Pure and innocent group Beautiful Girl Furukawa Iori is Gachinko, and a writing brush takes down Cherry Boy you kindly! Let it was kind at all and graduate from all of Cherry Boy which the Furukawa Iori which Web recruited was Daisuki, and was unbearable. While oneself is shy with a puzzled Cherry Boy boy, gradually feel it…Finally, to the Iori which take out pink ma ○ co-niippai of the Iori (heart), and is kind to a new Cherry Boy boy, and does an initial lesson zukyun (heart) (heart)