CWM-209 舐め殺し★オヤジ狩り◆ GAL高生と中年ベロチュウ教職員の濃密★顔面リップ交尾

CWM-209 ★ Hunting Father Killing Rim (Heart)
Lick it to death, and heavy ★ face Rippu of the Chuunen berochu staff of a school copulates with ★ geezer bashing ◆ GAL high Nama
Reached it from Gal Love uncle and a certain Chuunen man who took the janitor's post at school; "Teacher and student tachigadesunee of our school"…The Posting document of the contents that toiu is significant. SEX picture 》 with the 《 student was enclosed in it! ! While when we come for coverage, typical liver face father shows a treasured picture pirating every day; "this is true of the education in Japan"! !Blew it up between to, crotches, and talked hot importantly…. But, as for such him, one's blunder be uncovered by the teacher of the co-worker…. Lick the face with Toshio among beautiful woman GAL, and a record of the kiss Cum Swallowing sex is exposed based on broad daylight.
Gal Love オジサマ とある学校で用務員の職に就く中年男性から届いた「当校の教師と生徒たちがですねぇ…」という意味深な内容の投稿文書。それには《生徒とのSEX映像》が同封されていた!! 我々が取材に訪れると、典型的なキモ顔オヤジが、日々盗撮してるという秘蔵映像を公開しながら、「これが日本教育の真実です!!」と、股間を膨らませて偉そうに熱く語ってきた…。が、そんな彼も同僚の教諭に自分の失態を暴かれて…。美形GALと中年男との顔面舐め接吻ごっくん性交の記録が白日の下に晒される。