MIDE-073 夫に売られた奴隷人妻 夏目彩春

Models: 夏目彩春
MIDE-073 Slave Wife Sold By Her Husband Iroha Natsume
The Slave Married Woman Natsume Aya Haru which was sold to a husband
Aya Haru of Married Woman spending the happy days with the beloved husband. One day men of the situation not to know that I was waiting in one room of Hotel called by sight. Be played in compensation for a bet with not understanding the reason and be coveted and be committed all kinds of the Chijoku. The Aya Haru which is awakened to the Sei as the woman while be violated by men not to know. The man and woman who Immorality, Ai, a pleasant feeling, greed, various feelings mix, and continues coveting it each other. "Do love you, my Koto?" I love it, too…. 」