DXNH-001 偽女神拷問伝 Episode1 特殊部隊 荒木レナ

配信日:2014-11-09 品番:h_175dxnh00001 品番(DVD):DXNH-001
出演者: 荒木レナ
メーカー: BabyEntertainment レーベル: BLACK BABY
False Megami Torture biography Episode1 Special Forces Araki Rena
The member of Special Forces "Rena" which marched into the opponent's side is caught adversely by a trap in order to solve the barricading case by the terrorist and is tortured. When men groped her body, and a hand of the So grew to pubic region; a fact of the surprise? !Nan and she were chi ○ co-fu kino Transsexual! !!However, men were excited at a humiliating figure of "the Rena", and repeated further Torture & Rape with many sexual implements….