UMSO-067 リアル友達同士のシロウト男女に出演交渉して『イマドキの大学生の恋愛事情』と偽り、『男女の友情はお金の力でブチ壊せるのか?』を徹底検証!!普段裸を見せ合う関係じゃない2人が挑むエロミッション!!恥じらいと欲望の狭間で揺れる2人は果たして一線を越えるのか?2

UMSO-067 Real Amateur Friends Think They're Appearing In A Feature About 'The Love Lives Of Today's College Students' But It Actually A Test To See If 'The Power Of Money Can Destroy Friendship Between A Man A Woman?' An Erotic Mission Between Two People That Usually Don't See Each Other Naked!! In The Threshold Between Shame And Desire, Will These Two Cross The Line? 2
Probably because ask the amateur man and woman between Riaru friends to perform, and, under the pretense of "the Love circumstances of today's university student", "can spoil the friendship of the man and woman by power of money" o thorough inspection! The eroticism mission that two people who are not relations to usually show nude to each other challenge! Do two people shaking in interval of shyness and the greed really go beyond the limit? 2
The second of the Amateur involution Variety which is very popular with the last time! "Man and woman relations include the friendship" in Amateur College Girl this time Had you participate in an inspection experiment to inspect a question. The relations Azusa Natsuki of the childhood friend is good in black Gal in Black Hair at eyes patch re-same university, and the Mayu of the relationship of the Senior&Junior of the same seminar is good, and, as for the Aina between the classmate, Upper Class Girl is raised in circle friends.