SW-490 友達のお姉さん達はボイン揃いで、胸チラ見せつけ僕を誘惑してくるんだ。我慢できずボインをわしづかみしたらお姉さんも興奮して僕のチ○ポ握りしめてはなさない!友達やお母さんの見ていない所で僕を男にしてくれた。 (中文字幕)

SW-490 My Buddy's Older Sisters Are Totally Stacked. Their Cleavage Was Driving Me Crazy So I Finally Grabbed One Older Sister's Huge Tits In A Death Grip - Only It Turned Her On Too! We Found A Place Where My Friend And Her Mom Couldn't See Us And She Made Me Into A Man.